Pre Employment Transition Services

Pre-ETS are intended to help students with disabilities, as early as age 14, who could benefit from an early start in exploring career interest.  The five services include Job Exploration Counseling; Work-Based Learning; Counseling on Post-Secondary Opportunities; Workplace Readiness Training; and Instruction in Self-Advocacy.  These services are contracted with VR providers and are brief, typically up to eight hours.

Adult Day Services

Brown County Board of Developmental Disabilities offers free choice of provider for Adult Day Services in accordance to OAC 5123:2-9-11.  The process is completed through the Service and Support Administration Department.

People First/Self Advocacy

People First of Brown County is a local chapter called Advocates of Brown County (ABC) who meet on a regular basis.  This group is made up of people with disabilities who are self-advocates.  This chaprter works on local issues by talking with others about their needs and rights with people in their communities.  ABC wants to make sure you have the right to make choices in your life and to take responsibilty for those choices.  Please contact the County Board office for the meeting schedule.

Employment First

Community employment is integrated, competitive employment where individuals with developmental disabilities work alongside people who do not have disabilities.  Whether it is in a job working for others in the community or through self-employment; community employment offers greater independence and personal empowerment.  Employment First enhances lives by creating greater opportunities for all people to advance their careers.  Individuals can use their strengths and talents in order to increase their economic wealth, have a sense of accomplishment and create their own social identity.  The community benefits because community employment provides diversity and enrichment to the community, promotes equal opportunity within the community and decreases dependency on public funding.  Employers benefit because community employment will provide employers and their businesses with more value because of access to dependable and qualified employees.  For more information, please call 937-378-4891 ext. 234.

Early Intervention (E. I.)

This home based service is offered through a certified Early Intervention Development Specialist, to infants or toddlers under three years of age with at least one developmental delay out of five areas; or has an established risk related to a diagnosed physical or mental condition that has a high probability of resulting in developmental delay.  The County Board contracts with Hopewell Health, which provides Speech, OT, and PT services for Families receiving EI Services.  To contact the Developmental Specialist, please call 937-515-0480.

E.I. Services:

  • Service Coordination
  • Family Support
  • Home Based Services
  • Transition Planning

Early Intervention Pilot Program Success

Supported Living

A program, which provides supports to persons with developmental disabilities, so they may live as independently as possible in their own communities. Funding comes from local Levy Dollars and, for those persons with some personal income of their own, such as Social Security or SSI income; the individual is expected to contribute toward their monthly living expenses.

Family Support Services

This program assists a family who keeps at home a family member with intellectual and/or a developmental disability, promotes the unity of the family by assisting it to meet the special needs of the individual with a developmental disability, and assists the individual to maximize self-sufficiency and prevent inappropriate institutionalization. Some of the reimbursable services are respite, adaptive equipment, counseling and training, special diets, and home modifications. The planning component for Family Support Services is completed yearly as a part of the Strategic Plan.  Family Support Services is funded through local levy dollars.

Waiver Administration

The Brown County Board of DD administers Medicaid Waivers for eligible individuals.  Funding comes from federal, state and local levy dollars. Waivers are designed to help persons maintain the greatest degree of self-sufficiency and independent functioning in the community and help to avoid institutionalization.  A Waiver Waiting List Assessment will determine placement.  This Assessment helps identify people's true needs and find ways to meet those needs with or without a waiver.  Please contact our SSA Department for more information.

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