Employment First

Community employment is integrated, competitive employment where individuals with developmental disabilities work alongside people who do not have disabilities.  Whether it is in a job working for others in the community or through self-employment; community employment offers greater independence and personal empowerment.  Employment First enhances lives by creating greater opportunities for all people to advance their careers.  Individuals can use their strengths and talents in order to increase their economic wealth, have a sense of accomplishment and create their own social identity.  The community benefits because community employment provides diversity and enrichment to the community, promotes equal opportunity within the community and decreases dependency on public funding.  Employers benefit because community employment will provide employers and their businesses with more value because of access to dependable and qualified employees.  For more information, please call 937-378-4891 ext. 234.

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Emergency Phone Number to Report UI's/MUI's After Hours: 937.725.0686