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The Bright Center

The Bright Center is owned and operated by Verna Goecke.  Ms. Goecke has owned and operated Pine Ridge - Pine Village Residential in Clermont County for many years.  In June 2012 Ms. Goecke opened an Adult Day Program in Brown County.  The Bright Center is located at 5601 Pisgah Ridge Road, Ripley, Ohio 45167 and their contact number is 937-392-4297. 

The Bright Center provides Adult Day Services to individuals with Developmental Disabilities who choose to work in a sheltered work setting as well as Supported Employment enclave work sites.  The Bright Center provides services to over 30 individuals.  Most of the individuals attend full time, but others only attend 2 days per week.  This is in part to funding.  When an individual requests services but does not receive waiver services the Brown County Board of DD will provide funding for two (2) days of Adult Day Program services per week.  Non Medical Transportation is also provided by The Bright Center to the individual.  The transportation is also covered under the waiver unless the individual does not receive waiver services, then the County Board of DD provides funding through Title XX for transportation and reimburses The Bright Center for transportation costs.


As each person begins attending TBC we focus on getting to know them individually. What is important to them and for them. We make plans each week trying to give opportunities to each person go to places that interest them and to do the things they like. We offer many activities and trips out into our nearby community as well as more distant locations. This is where they can practice money skills and make social connections all throughout their neighborhoods and towns. These opportunities can give our folks chances to become more familiar with the types of employment that can be found all around them.

Other skills they are learning are to prepare meals, clean up after meals, independent living skills just to name a few.  Some of the individuals enjoy making crafts, quilts and to explore music and art.


Pine Ridge - Pine Village Residential also provides emergency respite when a family has an emergency situation and needs care for their loved one on a short term basis.

Pine Ridge - Pine Village Residential and The Bright Center provides excellent care to those they serve and that is why they have been selected to be the first Provider to be showcased in Brown County!

325 W. State St., Bldg. A, Suite 2, Georgetown OH 45121
937.378.4891  |  Fax: 937.378.3585
Emergency Phone Number to Report UI's/MUI's After Hours: 937.725.0686