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Provider Showcase

We are pleased to showcase Karen Malott Badawi!  Karen Malott Badawi has been an Independent Provider for some time now.  Karen chose to become a provider for her son in part due to the lack of inexperienced providers needed to care for her son and his needs and the fact that he needed her to be there 24/7.  As a single mother, this meant that she could not hold a regular job.  You see, some people who are diagnosed with a disability need to be cared for in special ways.  Karen was not satisfied with the care that others gave her son.  Although her son has other providers, so Karen can get her rest and down time, she does not take his care lightly.  Karen is just very careful with who she hires to help with her son’s care.  Becoming a provider gave the Badawi’s the best of both worlds.  She could care for her son in the way that she feels is necessary and still support their financial needs.  Karen does all of the training of the staff she hires to make sure the staff know what is expected and can handle the needs of her son.  Karen is a very put together mother and an awesome provider!  Congratulations Karen on being the Showcase Provider of the month!

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