Provider Showcase

Showcase Provider


Christie Dillow


We would like to introduce this month’s Showcase Provider, Christie Dillow!  Christie has been a provider since 2008.  She decided to become a provider after she had cared for her best friend’s family member that was diagnosed with autism.  She worked with other children with autism and just loves working in this field.  During conversation with the interviewer the question posed was what is the most exciting aspect of your services and Christie reply that people with disabilities are fun to be with and they always put a smile on my face.  Christie serves several individual from Clinton, Brown and Highland Counties.  She provides the following services to individuals: Homemaker/Personal Care, Non-Medical Transportation, and Job training skills.  She takes individuals out in the community to places like Long’s Retreat, The Beach Water Park, shopping and restaurants to name a few.  Christie said that two of the individuals have become independent with skills that they have worked on and no longer require assistance with those skills. 


Christie is a dedicated and hardworking provider that rarely calls off from working with the individual she serves, according to the Brown County Service and Support Administrator for the individual Christie serves.  The individual that Christie takes care of in Brown County really enjoys the time she spends providing services to him.  Christie has a positive attitude and loves the challenge of making a difference in the individual’s lives.   


Thank you Christie for your service and dedication to individuals with disabilities.  Congratulations again for being selected as the Showcase Provider of the Month!


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