Expanding Your Horizons


Our Showcase Provider of the month is Expanding Your Horizons or EYH as it is better know!  EYH is an Adult Day Program Service that provides Unique and Exciting Community Services to Children and Adults with Developmental Disabilities.  Expanding Your Horizons is co-founded and operated by Steve and Mary Beha.  The Beha’s decided to open an Adult Day Services Program when the this type of service was not available to a family member who wanted a more fulfilling day program option for their self and there was just no option like this in the county where they were being served.  The Beha’s decided to create that options for their family member as well as others who wanted more in a day program, so Expanding Your Horizon’s was born.

Expanding Your Horizon’s is a mobile Day Program based in Meigs County and they serve many individuals from over 17 southeast counties in Ohio.  EYH has been in business for 9 years and has 11 employees.

EYH develops a calendar each month which can be found on their website at www.eyhservices.com.  The Individual will select the event they would like to attend and contact EYH to schedule the event that the individual would like to visit.  The services are paid for by either the individual’s waiver or by the County Board in which the individuals lives as long as the individuals is eligible for county board services.  Transportation is provided and will be included in the funding budget for the individual’s services through the County Board of DD. 

Some of the events that EYH schedule outing to are sports events of all kinds, Cincinnati or Columbus Zoo (Festival of Lights), Dave and Busters, Wrestling, Local Fairs and Festivals, The Spaghetti Factory, County Music Shows, just to name a few!  Along with outings there have been new friendships formed when individuals have met during these outings.  It has opened hearts and minds of others that observe the individuals attending these events.

We would like to thank you EYH for your service and dedication to helping individuals scale new Horizons!

Congratulations for being chosen as this month’s Showcase Provider!













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