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We are excited to showcase Shannon Hornschemeier this month!  Shannon started working with individuals in a group home soon after she graduated from high school.  Shannon enjoys working with individuals with special needs so much that she became an Independent Provider.  Shannon worked with a few gentlemen in a group home that were not satisfied with living in the group home setting.  They moved back into their parent’s homes and Shannon became their Independent Provider.  As an Independent Provider Shannon had the freedom to provide the services that the individuals wanted.  She was able to take the individuals into the community and explore all the wonderful places there are in and around the Greater Cincinnati areas to learn and explore.  Shannon sees to the individual’s medical needs as well as monitors for health and safety at all times.

Shannon has been an independent provider for over 15 years now.  She purchased her parents property.  Soon after she moved in, there was a fire that destroyed the home that she grew up in.  Shannon designed and oversaw the building of a new home site on the property she purchased from her parents.  When she designed the home she didn’t just design it for herself and family she designed it so she could provide a place for the individuals that she served to come to.  She had a bedroom for the individuals that she served so they could come there and feel comfortable.  She had a pond where they could go fishing, a place to exercise, watch movies, listen to music, and hang out as well as trails to explore nature utilizing a sports utility vehicle. Unfortunately, when there was a rule change from Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities and Medicaid regarding overtime Shannon was forced to sell her home.  She has since purchase another home and welcomes the individuals there to relax.  During the past 15 years Shannon has gotten married, started a family and earned a Bachelor’s Degree. 

Congratulations for being our Showcase Provider of the month and thank you for being an Awesome Provider! 

325 W. State St., Bldg. A, Suite 2, Georgetown OH 45121
937.378.4891  |  Fax: 937.378.3585
Emergency Phone Number to Report UI's/MUI's After Hours: 937.725.0686