Showcase Provider

Victoria A. Naseer



We would like to introduce you to Victoria A. Naseer as our latest Showcase Provider.  Victoria began as an independent provider about sixteen (16) years ago and loves it.  For the past 9 years Victoria has served a young individual that was paralyzed in an accident.  She is a mother of 5 children.  She says as a Mom of 5 she does not have much free time.  Being an Independent Provider gave her the flexibility to take care of her children and go to school to become a nurse.  She usually is busy transporting her children to sporting events.  Victoria said that she made a promise to herself that when her youngest child started kindergarten that she would go to school to become a Registered Nurse.  She followed through with that promise.  She began with her pre-requisites at UC Clermont…which took two years.  She was accepted into the main campus UC School of Nursing where she spent the last 3 years earning a BSN.  She is happy to say that she graduated on May 1, 2020 and is now Victoria Naseer RN, BSN.  She is planning to find a RN position in a hospital setting where she can practice the skills she learned in nursing school.  She is a strong believer in homecare program and sees herself coming back to homecare as a Nurse once she has cemented the nursing skills for a few years. 


Victoria enjoys reading when she can find the time!


Congratulations Victoria for being selected as our Showcase Provider and for obtaining you BSN in Nursing!  That is Awesome!

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