Service and Support Administration

The staff providing service and support administration shall establish an individual's eligibility for the services of the County Board of Developmental Disabilities; Assess individual needs for services; Develop individual service plans with the active participation of the individual to be served, other persons selected by the individual, and when applicable, the provider selected by the individual, and recommend the plans for approval by the Department of Developmental Disabilities when services included in the plans are funded through Medicaid; Establish budgets for services based on the individual's assessed needs and preferred ways of meeting those needs; Assist individuals in making selections from among the providers they have chosen; Ensure that services are effectively coordinated and provided by appropriate providers; Establish and implement an ongoing system of monitoring the implementation of individual service plans to achieve consistent implementation and the desired outcomes for the individual; Perform quality assurance reviews as a distinct function of service and support administration; Incorporate the results of quality assurance reviews and identified trends and patterns of unusual incidents and major unusual incidents into amendments of an individual's service plan for the purpose of improving and enhancing the quality and appropriateness of services rendered to the individual; Ensure that each individual receiving services has a designated person who is responsible on a continuing basis for providing the individual with representation, advocacy, advice, and assistance related to the day-to-day coordination of services in accordance with the individual's service plan.

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